Now his better self, having awoken deep down, was chastising him: “You were supposed to be a Fatimid, but now you’re worldly…. You were supposed to be for Fatima [Peace Be Upon Her], but now you’re for your family and your household…. You were supposed to work for the reappearance of Fatima’s Mahdi [Peace Be Upon Them], but now you work for the appearances of this world….”
He lamented, “I became distracted; the world deceived me, but now I regret it…. Is there a way back?”
He heard, “Make most of what is before you and make an effort to become Fatimid.”
He asked, “Whence should I begin?”
He heard, “Turns towards her light.”
He said, “From now on I shall turn towards her light.”
He heard, “For the sake of her presence, turn your morals into Fatima’s.”
He said, “I shall let go of my self-made morals and make an effort to learn and adopt hers.”
He heard, “Then turn your life into Fatima’s.”
He asked, “How?”
He heard, “Although a man in body (and your masculine strength you shall preserve), be a woman in the gentleness of morals, and a true Fatimid in soul.”
He said, “From now on I shall be for Fatima in all.”
He heard, “Whatsoever you have gained until now, you gained ‘for yourself’. Leave aside what was ‘for yourself’ and gain what is ‘for Fatima’.”
He said, “That which I have shall be laid at Fatima’s feet.”
He heard, “O you the promoter of that self which rules over you, O the owner of many camels: let go of your camels, too.”
He hesitated, “I have suffered a lot over them; they are the fruit of years of my toil.”
He heard, “You cannot ascend whilst attached to them; you must let go.”
He thought a bit to himself and let them drop.
After a while, now that he had abandoned his own caravan, he could feel the presence of a caravan of light nearby. He turned towards the caravan-master and said, “O light, do not abandon me in this desert; will you allow me to join you?”
One of the pilgrims said,

You have to become a beam of her light
Free from everything and then fly as light

She is the light of Allah and cause of mercy
And every follower He created from her light

He whispered, “I wish I had acted righteously; I wish my life had been for Zahra…. O God, help me, be my guardian, O God….”
Then he said, “I have laid all that I have at Fatima’s feet. Now may I come with you?”
He heard, “Let’s hope. But you must let go of your life, too.”
He wondered, “If I do, how can I come with you? I won’t even be anymore to come with you?”
He heard, “That’s a decision you need to make.”
He thought a bit more; this was the thorniest decision of his life. After some inner struggle, he finally said, “This shall be for Fatima, too.”

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